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What We Do For You

  • We take the mystery out of window and door shopping. After you receive your online quote, you know the approximate cost of your project… no suprises!

Why You Get The Best Deal?

  • Consumers contact contractors to visit their homes to "get an estimate". Typically a representative will visit with you to measure your windows and doors and leave you an estimate.
  • Statistically, only one in ten of these estimates ever results in a sale.
  • The costs of visiting these homes to provide an estimate and all the follow up calls are built into the price of the windows and doors
  • Because you are submitting your requirements including measurements to us, you are now saving us the costs of the initial visit to your home, where we would normally measure your windows and doors and present you with an estimate.
  • When you indicate that you are ready to proceed with an order, our customer care representative will visit you to present and demonstrate our products, recheck your measurements and discuss the scope of your project. At this time all the details of the project will be finalized prior to proceeding with an order. It is important for us to visit you at your home as often your measurements may be incorrect, even if you have used our competitors’ measurements. After our representative has re-measured your windows and doors, you will be presented with our final offer which may well be lower than the online quote.
  • This process allows us to visit with serious consumers who are ready to "make a decision",
    thereby reducing our costs.
  • All our cost savings are passed onto you, resulting in a great deal and saving you money!
  • Net Result…No Comprise on quality. You get professionally installed CSA & Energy
    Star certified products at value pricing!

Get A Free Online Quote

What You Do

  • Send us your requirements utilizing our "Quote Request" system

Get Started

Follow these easy instructions to get the best value for your hard earned money...

Measure Your Windows And Doors

  • At your convenience, measure the window and door openings of your home.
  • Click on the "HOW TO MEASURE" link for a guide on how to measure your windows and doors
  • Enter your requirements on the provided measure sheet, which is available by clicking on this "measurement_sheet.pdf" link

Fill In Your Information In The "Quote Wizard"

  • Transfer your data from the measure sheet to the online "Quote Wizard". After you have completed entering the data, submit your quotation request
  • After your quotation request is received, we will send you an quote within 48 hours of submitting your quote request.

Your Benefits

  • Our service is free to you
  • No longer do you have to waste your valuable time chasing or waiting for contractors to return your calls
  • You no longer have to negotiate with "high pressure" sales representatives as you have already received a quote
  • Quality products, professional installation and service... at huge savings

Get A Free Online Quote


Remember… To get your great value deal, don't sign an order with anyone before you get our final offer at an in-home consultation

Still not sure how it works... need help? Call 1-888-742-9001 and we will help you.